★ Ikemen Guy Contest by Kawaii.PH! ★

Kawaii in Manila 2 is for everyone!

If you think we’ve forgotten or ignored the guys, that’s where you’re wrong! <(~o^)>

To all the guys out there, if you think you think you’re kakkoii and got the looks and the personality to back it up…

… join Kawaii in Manila 2 x Gatsby Philippines’ IKEMEN GUY CONTEST! ٩(ó。ò۶ ♡)))♬

Ikemen Guy Contest

Win sponsor prizes, a special Kawaii.PH/looks photoshoot session with our official photographer AKP …

… and become one of Kawaii.PH Ambassadors!

Ikemen Guy Contest


Mechanics & Contest Details

1. Like the following pages on Facebook: Kawaii PhilippinesKawaii in ManilaGatsby PhilippinesJapan Lover Me~

2. Participate in our Worldwide Kawaii Campaign.

3. Dress up in your most kakkoii /cool / “ikemen” outfit! ♡ Submit 1 full body photo (with Kawaii in Manila 2 logo), 1 portrait photo, and 1 creative photo of yourself wearing your cool style!

Send in your photos to hello@kawaii.ph with the following format:
Subject: [Ikemen Guy Contest] – Surname, First name


  • Name: ___
  • Contact Number: ____
  • Address: ____
  • Facebook Account URL: http://___
  • What do you like most about your outfit / look and why?
  • (NOTE: Attached photos should follow the name file format: Ikemen Guy – Surname 01.jpg, Ikemen Guy – Surname 02.jpg, Ikemen Guy – Surname 03.jpg)

4. Photos should be at least 1200 pixels in width. Please do not over-edit using photoshop / filters.

5. Everyone is required to take a photo (full body) with a printed copy of “Kawaii in Manila 2” logo (to make sure that your entry is fresh! ♡).

6. We will pick 5 ikemen guys who have the most creative / kakkoii outfit!  These guys will have the chance to model their look during Ikemen Guy Contest program in the convention!

7. Deadline of application is until August 23, 2014 (11:59 PM). We will announce the finalists on August 25, 2014. Applications are extended until August 31, 2014. We will announce the finalists on September 1, 2014.

8. Our invited guest judges will pick 1 Ikemen Guy to become one of Kawaii.PH Ambassadors. Please take note that there will be a question & answer portion and a 2-minute (maximum) talent showcase for each contestant! ^_^

ヽ( ★ω★)ノ

Good luck to everyone and we are all looking forward to your entries!